Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stanford Hosts its Second Annual Roundtable
Stanford Review - Stanford,CA,USA
Certainly alternatives like biofuel will be part of the solution, but not being careful about this can be bad. Like growing corn for ethanol can actually ...
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Nuclear Smuggling MOU
Technology News Daily - Scottsdale,AZ,USA
Coatings For Solar Cells Designing better solar cells might seem a question of electronics or chemistry, but for one University of Florida engineer, ...
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Google Alert - biofuel solar
By BioFuel - Solar
Google News Alert for: biofuel solar. CAST evaluates production of cellulosic biomass for biofuels (press release) - Basel,Switzerland Current biofuel production in the United States relies primarily on conversion of . ...
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$1 trillion green market seen by 2030-Morgan Stanley
By climateer(climateer)
It rated the following companies as overweight-volatile: thin film solar company First Solar Inc, solar company SunPower Corp, biofuel company VeraSun Energy Corp., and emissions reducers Fuel Tech Inc. The report cautioned that sales ...
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The Big Biofuels Blog
Coast to coast with Aphrodesia on thier JustVote Tour on recycled veg oil.They want to build a prototype biofuel-solar-windpowered bus (oh and they need a ...

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