Monday, October 29, 2007

Who's Fueling Whom?
Smithsonian - USA
That's because biofuels will never match the one thing fossil fuels do brilliantly: concentrating solar energy. A gallon of gasoline represents the power of ...
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The potential for renewable energy to deliver in large energy ...
eGov monitor - London,UK
... and solar water heating in China are all examples of successful domestic development. Brazil has set up an entire value chain for biofuels production. ...
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Working toward a greener energy policy
Centre Daily Times - Centre,PA,USA
"Green" high-performance buildings feature designs that maximize solar orientation to reduce the amount of energy consumed and are constructed with "green" ...
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Energy security: Need for advance planning
The Statesman - Kolkata,India
... alternative source to bio-fuel energy-oil and gas, which is gradually diminishing. India has to make available non-renewable energy (solar/wind/others) ...
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Upwardly mobile Africa: key to development lies in their hands
Guardian Unlimited - UK
"In tiny rural hamlets where there is no mains electricity you can pay 20 [Kenyan] shillings (15p) to have your mobile charged from a solar panel or a car ...
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Colorado Center For Biorefining And Biofuels Announces $500000 In ...
CU Boulder News & Events - Boulder,CO,USA
... research ranging from the solar conversion of plant material for fuels to genetic crop engineering. The Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels, ...
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High Oil Prices
Korea Times - South Korea
... energy resources using, for instance, solar energy, wind, tidal movement, hydraulic power and bio fuel as seen in many Western industrial nations.
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Power to the People: Dodd Man Out
Green Options blog - Berkeley,CA,USA
I do not support expanding nuclear options, but I do want to encourage wind, water, solar and biofuels expansion." Dodd is obviously unafraid to express his ...
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Hillary Clinton's Plan for Rural America
Media For Freedom - Nepal,Nepal,Nepal
As President, she would work to implement a renewable electricity standard, and to increase tax incentives for wind, solar and other forms of renewable ...
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Future energy : Bio-ethanol
Wind really began in Europe, although since General Electric has gotten into it, it's [been] moving to the United States in a good way. Germany made a large government investment in solar. In biofuels, technically we're the leader, ...
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The strange world of carbon-negative bioenergy: the more you drive ...
By Biopact team(Biopact team)
When you capture the CO2 from the biomass power plant or the biofuel facility before it enters the atmosphere, and then sequester the greenhouse gas in geological formations such as depleted oil & gas fields, or saline acquifers, ...
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Google Alert - biofuel solar
By BioFuel - Solar
Google News Alert for: biofuel solar. CAST evaluates production of cellulosic biomass for biofuels (press release) - Basel,Switzerland Current biofuel production in the United States relies primarily on conversion of . ...
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