Sunday, November 4, 2007

Should Government subsidize the production of alternative fuels ...
Dubuque Telegraph Herald - Dubuque,IA,USA
... development and utilization incentives for biofuels. We should now seriously invest in more sustainable energy sources like wind and solar. ...
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San Franciscans Give City Hall the (Green) Finger
Bay Area Indymedia - San Francisco,CA,USA
The plaza featured a group of League of Pissed Off Voters artists painting a biofuel bus, a massive solar panel from Greenpeace that powered the event, ...
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PE groups ready clean tech funds
Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India
San Francisco-based clean technology research and consulting firm Clean Edge Inc. estimates that the global market for solar, wind, biofuels and fuel cells ...
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Alternative Energy Summit targets Michigan
Detroit Free Press - United States
Energy derived from wind, and solar power or the earth's warmth are considered alternative sources, along with biofuels, which may combine plant additives ...
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Sourcing biogas from waste: rocket science?
Jakarta Post - Jakarta,Indonesia
"They use prime agricultural land to produce corn for biofuel while the developing world starves, just so people in developed countries can drive to the ...
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China's cleaner energy tech
By alisonlbn
(so they pay other countries to convert food production to biofuel production). China's Suntech's (solar energy) revenue and profits are growing strongly. Sales in 2006 rose to $598.6 million, more than doubling 2005 revenue, ...
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Renewable Energy Is The Future
By Richard
Solar chimneys are another means of heating and cooling air. Another renewable energy resource is bio matter, which produces bio fuel. Plants are one example of bio fuel sources. Sugar can give off bio diesel, bagasse and ethanol. ...
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Weekend Summary
By Tom
"A wildlife reserve earmarked for destruction to make way for biofuel crops has been saved after a study showed that it would earn more from eco-tourism. More than 7000 hectares of a Ugandan forest described as a 'wildlife jewel' were ...
Climate Crisis Coalition - Daily News -

Green Whips To Race Across Africa
By Steven Leckart
Stretching 2500 miles the Zero Rally will be open to vehicles of the electric, solar, biofuel, hybrid and hyrdogen variety. The race begins up north and concludes in Cape Town with -- what else? -- a renewable energy expo. ...
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Google Alert - biofuel solar
By BioFuel - Solar
Google News Alert for: biofuel solar. CAST evaluates production of cellulosic biomass for biofuels (press release) - Basel,Switzerland Current biofuel production in the United States relies primarily on conversion of . ...
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