Tuesday, November 13, 2007

European Stocks Gain; Vodafone, France Telecom, Daily Mail Rise
Bloomberg - USA
The company said orders for process technology missed projections last month and biofuel orders will decline ``substantially'' in future. ...
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German Solar-Power Companies Fall on Subsidy Concern (Update2)
Bloomberg - USA
13 (Bloomberg) -- Solarworld AG and Ersol Solar Energy AG led a drop in European solar stocks on concern US subsidies for renewable energy will be less than ...
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Governor Rendell, Business Leaders Voice Concerns About PA's ...
Earthtimes - London,UK
... Pennsylvania has become a leading destination for wind, solar and biofuel production project that have brought $1 billion in economic growth and added ...
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Uncertain future for NC ethanol plants
Charlotte Observer - Charlotte,NC,USA
"This is going to be a huge industry," said Alex Hobbs, associate director of renewable technology at the NC Solar Center. "But it's not going to be powered ...
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ASEAN summit to promote nuclear energy, solar power
... energy sources such as solar, hydro, wind, tide, biomass, biofuels and geothermal energy" They will also support "civilian nuclear power" for interested ...
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Turning trees into biofuel
environmentalresearchweb (subscription) - Bristol,England,UK
After all, a renewable liquid fuel that can be transported and stored has a myriad of advantages over stop-and-go wind and solar power. ...
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Gore joins Silicon Valley's Kleiner Perkins to push green business
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
... to see which technologies - biofuels, hybrids, solar power plants, green building techniques - will prove most viable and cost effective, Gore said. ...
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Sun-eNews Community - The Source for Solar, Wind, and Other Energy
By eraaoqif
... is quot;ideal for homes, small commercial buildings, boats, b/bTiny High-Frequency Cryocooler Is Cold And Efficient middot; bPacWind/b To Offer Three New Proprietary Applications For Wind Energy middot; Biofuel to power Indonesia#39 ...
www.waldorf-neumuenster.info - http://www.waldorf-neumuenster.info/

Offenburg students test world's first ethanol powered fuel cell ...
By mikathanhqha
These included 31 teams using biofuels, 26 using hydrogen cells and 7 teams that relied solar power. The most significant increase was in the use of hydrogen fuel cells, up by 50% over last year. Last year, an ethanol vehicle made by ...
mikathanhqha - http://mikathanhqha.nurseblogging.com

Frans Filters
By BioFuel - Solar
CAST evaluates production of cellulosic biomass for biofuels Checkbiotech.org (press release) - Basel,Switzerland Current biofuel production in the United States relies primarily on conversion of . ...
BioFuel - Solar - http://solarbiofuel.blogspot.com/

Biofuel Is Inevitable and Brazil Leads the Field, Says Lula
By Zalmoxis(Zalmoxis)
Biofuel Is Inevitable and Brazil Leads the Field, Says Lula Al Gore Will Join Silicon Valley FirmWall Street Journal - To date, Kleiner has invested about $270 million in 26 green-technology companies, including biofuel and solar ...
Clear Environment Today - http://clear-environment.blogspot.com/

BioFuel - Solar
This program will discuss approaches to financing wind, biomass /biofuel, solar and other renewable projects in many parts of the world, focusing on how . ...


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