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More BioFuel Resources

More BioFuel Resources

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A dynamic, forward-looking business entity poised to meet the explosive demand for alternative fuels through sustainable business solutions and green technologies that safeguard the future of our planet.

In order to accelerate the company's acquisition of market share it is offering individuals and corporations the opportunity to purchase Jatropha trees which will be planted and cultivated on company farms located in Costa Rica. The trees will produce seeds which are harvested annually, processed into oil and sold to biodiesel refineries.

Why Jatropha Trees ?,

Most bio-diesel producers rely on one source of feedstock to produce fuel, generally soybeans or rapeseed. The economics are changing with these sources of feedstock because they compete for food and land. Jatropha, on the other hand, can be grown much cheaper on waste land and contains a much higher oil concentration and oil quality than other feedstock. Plantations are being developed at a feverish pace in Africa, India, Central America, South America and Mexico. Even the U.S. is planting test plots in Florida, Texas and California in the hopes of being a producer of Jatropha oil.

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