Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Busch estate installs solar panels
Suburban Journals - Town and Country,MO,USA
"Illinois offers a $50000 grant on solar systems and pays up to $25000 on wind turbines." Farmergy also has a hand in biodiesel fuel and mostly targets ...
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IN BRIEF: Chevron Seeks Slime, Atraverda Gets $21.5M
Greentech Media - Cambridge,MA,USA
The collaboration is part of a five-year biofuel research alliance announced in 2006 between Chevron and the lab. Although Chevron is financing the efforts, ...
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San Jose's Environmental Plan Gets 'Green' Light - San Francisco,CA,USA
The Golden Gate Biofuel plant in San Jose is part of Mayor Reed's plan to help convert the South Bay, by driving public and transportation companies to ...
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Township initiates biodiesel program
Woodbridge Sentinel - NJ, USA
"We are looking for a grant from BPU to get us going with the solar panel project," said John Hagerty, communications director for the township. ...
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Chevron, Feds Hope to Make Biofuel from Algae
Wired Blogs - USA
They found that algae grew at levels 37 times higher than corn and 140 times higher than soybeans -- the two most common crops used for biofuel. ...
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Appropriate Technology Roundup 10/30/07
By Catherine Laine
Japanese government officials want to start using the millions of wooden chopsticks that go discarded each year as biofuel. The chopstick biofuel (chop-fuel, bio-sticks?)is seen as a way to reduce dependence on Middle East oil and ...

California Clean Tech Open Winners Announced Last Night
By Lara
BGT Biogasoline: Effective heptanone biofuel, alternative to ethanol EnerLynx: ICR Advanced Vehicle Engine Lightweight and efficient engine for trucks and buses High Merit Thermoelectrics: Converts waste heat to electricity ...

Singapore strives to lead next round of biofuels race
By admin
... committed to spending 350 million Singapore dollars, or $240 million, in the next five years to help make Singapore a world leader in clean energy production, including both solar power - the government's main focus - and biofuels. ...
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