Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Biofuel Cities European Partnership - a forum for the application of biofuels.
Open to all stakeholders in the area of biofuels for vehicles, ... - Rank 20 - cached

Things Are Good: good news
Princeton University is looking into the details of using biofuels in jet airplanes.
The research team will examine what fuel mixture provides the best ... - Rank 39 - cached Technology and Entertainment Video Network
What's driving an Olympic rower to flex his muscles in biofuel ... After next
year's Olympics, he is determined to make his mark in the biofuel industry. ... - Rank 44 - cached - Biofuel Backfire
It seems like only yesterday that "biofuels" was all the rage: not only has
President Bush relentlessly touted increased ethanol use, but so has House ... - Rank 17 - cached

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